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In 2020, Irish writers will be making plans for the year ahead. I have many plans for the New Year and, as a paperback and Kindle author, I want to make 2020 my best year yet!


In this Irish Writers plans blog article, you will find information on:

  • Plans for the year ahead – these can show you how to set concrete targets, so you are able to focus on a specific goal by the end of the year,
  • Anna’s Awakening publication – by setting a concrete, achievable writing goal we can all check off a box as writers in the year ahead, meaning you feel you have achieved an author goal,
  • Hexingham Chronicles publication – by setting an author goal that is in a different genre, we can grow as writers. This means you can challenge yourself as a creative,
  • Develop as an SEO Copywriter – choosing a ‘day job’ goal gives you a personal sense of achievement every day, meaning you feel less frustrated at ‘not writing’,
  • Make the year ahead the best yet – look at the months ahead with a positive point of view, by doing so, you can give yourself a mental boost and achieve even more!
Read the rest of the Irish Writers plans article to see how you can set clear targets and goals as a writer.


Irish Writers: My Plans For 2020

In 2020, Irish writers will be making plans for the year ahead. I have many plans for the New Year and, as a paperback and Kindle author, I want to make 2020 a better year than 2018 and 2019 before it.

There is no doubt that my transition from teaching professional to an SEO blogger and copywriter has been a long road. However, I look to the New Year as one that will continue to allow me to write for clients as well as compose my fiction books for publication. I love writing and understanding the research and structure involved in writing blogs for companies and businesses helps me develop research skills for my fiction writing too.

Looking to my life as a Kindle author and a new breed of Irish writers, I want to make sure I utilise my knowledge in Digital Marketing to grow my fiction author profile further both locally and online. By planning out a strategy for my online creative writing blogs, my fiction writing, and my publication strategy for the next three years, I will look to write more books and share them with fellow Irish writers, fiction authors, Kindle authors, and fans of dystopian science fiction.

There are multiple goals and plans on my fiction author list for 2020 and beyond. However, there are three that I have listed below that are in the pipeline and will be happening throughout 2020. At the bottom of this blog, there is also a front cover reveal of Anna’s Awakening along with the blurb of the novel. Please comment below with your thoughts on both. I’d love to hear them.

Anna’s Awakening Publication: March 2020

iris trilogy fiction books

Click on the image to see the fiction books I have released so far. Both Inside Iris and Anna’s Awakening are available for purchase on Kindle and paperback from Amazon.


The first plan I have for 2020 is that of the publication of Anna’s Awakening, book two of the Iris Trilogy. As a paperback fiction author and Kindle author, I cannot wait to hold my second book in my hands. There is something unmistakable about the nerves and excitement that comes about when preparing a novel, its cover, and pre-launch marketing ahead of publication.

Inside Iris, my debut novel, was published in September 2018. The feedback and reviews I got of my first offering as a fiction author were amazing, and I know Anna’s Awakening is excellent. My Beta readers have raved about Anna’s Awakening and are ‘champing at the bit’ to get a first draft book three in the coming months. Joining the many Irish writers who have written multiple books is exciting and surreal, considering I’m a child from a housing estate in North Belfast.

Working with a local artist and friend, Adrian Power, to design the book cover for Anna’s Awakening has been amazing. Adrian is an excellent artist and has put his unique style to the cover. I cannot wait to share more amazing praise with him for his artistic ability and vision when composing book covers for me and what should be many Irish writers in the future. To check out Adrian’s work, follow him on Facebook at Bad Wolf Scribbles.


Hexingham Chronicles Publication: Summer 2020

One request that came from many fiction author contacts online, as well as friends, was to develop a collection of short stories that I had on my old website into something more substantial. The Hexingham Chronicles is a selection of short stories that were used as developmental pieces for crafting the world of Hexingham for Inside Iris, Anna’s Awakening, and my soon-to-be-written third instalment of the Iris Trilogy.

There were initially twelve pieces that I will be rewriting and developing further in the coming months. The now twenty-or-so pieces will be grouped into The Hexingham Chronicles short story collection, to be published in the summer of 2020. The pieces will include backstories and further information of characters who have or will appear in the Iris Trilogy as well as random citizens of Hexingham. This will give readers a broader scope for the Iris Trilogy and my twin adult fiction novels that will be written and published in 2021.

The feeling of writing short stories is one that I have always loved. Ever since I started populating my social media with content over a year ago, I would write short flash fiction to give people an idea of who I was (click here to listen to these pieces on my SG Fiction YouTube Channel). During my MA, I would regularly use flash fiction and short stories to warm up and plan as a fiction author and a playwright. As a fiction writer, Kindle author, one of many new Irish writers, I now want to utilise these pieces as a way to expand on my world of Hexingham for readers of all ages.


Develop As A Freelance SEO Copywriter

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Click on the image to learn more about me, who I am as a fiction author and as an SEO blogger and copywriter.


Working in Digital Marketing, I have come to understand the need for fiction authors to think more like traditional small businesses or companies. When I started writing, I assumed I could just put up a website and people would find me randomly. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen fellow Irish writers, fiction authors, and Kindle authors. Since I started training in Digital Marketing with an agency in Belfast, I have learned that there is so much more to it!

Over 2020, I will work to grow my online SEO blogging and copywriting business as well as develop the relationships I have made already with clients and friends within the industry. I also plan to develop a training course for authors in the Belfast area called ‘Oh My Blog’, for those looking to grow your author page. This would include:

  • Blog structure,
  • Basic SEO principles, and
  • Content planning strategies.

Being a teacher by profession, I want to help educate fellow Irish writers and Belfast authors to grow and foster talent in the local area. If you would like to book a training course with me, check out my Eventbrite page for prices and booking details. I also have a series of SEO packages for authors and businesses to browse for 2020 in this blog, or my SEO packages page.

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Irish Writers: Why 2020 Will Be The Best Yet

In the last eighteen months, my life has been changed beyond recognition. I started the decade as a primary school teacher, and I start this one as a full-time writer and blogger. In changing the path I had initially taken in life, I had a few ups and downs along the way. As 2020 dawns over the horizon, I enter a new decade as a writer and a businessman.

Wow, that’s scary!

I will continue to work with the young writers in my Type Cast Young Writers’ Blog and also the upcoming Indie Showcase blog for guest bloggers to pitch Creative Writing Blog ideas to appear here on the SG Fiction Creative Writing Blog. To enquire about either, please email me a

I cannot wait to see what 2020 has in store for me as a businessperson, as a father, and as a man in a continually evolving world. Accepting change is something that I am learning and becoming more accustomed to as I enter my thirty-sixth-year. It’s not easy to do, but I continue to learn every day. Thank you for all of the support my fellow Irish writers and fiction authors in the writing community have showed me in 2019. Keep supporting one another and spreading the word of who we are and what we do!



Anna’s Awakening Blurb:

Set two years after Iris’ dramatic escape from The Institute, she lives a secretive but peaceful existence in Scotland. Living at Bowmore Estate, with the Benefactor, Raymond, and the Courier, Kyle, Iris’ young life has changed dramatically.

Since the fall of The Resistance, and the dramatic events at the warehouse, Iris goes through therapy in order to lay to rest some of the ghosts that continue to haunt her. By taking this step, she hopes to begin to put her past behind her.

Throughout her counselling sessions with Clara, Raymond’s niece, Iris decides to claim back her real identity of Anna. With the help of Clara and Kyle, Iris pieces together fragments of her past that were nothing more than dark memories.

As Iris becomes Anna, she learns the truth about her time at The Institute. It is this truth that awakens Anna, lighting a fire within her that changes her forever. Could Anna’s awakening finally bring down The Authorities once and for all?

Anna’s Awakening is the second instalment of The Iris Trilogy – a dystopian, sci-fi thriller that is an intense read for adults and teenagers alike. This young adult novel is packed with enough drama and tension that you will not want to put it down.

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