Belfast Blogger: A Local Author Making A Mark In Belfast, My Hometown

As a Belfast blogger, I continue to develop my online presence. Here’s how I plan to grow my creative writing blog in 2020.


Belfast Blogger: The Journey So Far

Being a Belfast blogger is something I never thought I would see myself doing. I went off to Ulster University for my BA, then Queen’s University for my MA, and finally Warwick University for my PGCE. All of these enrolments in academical institutions were geared towards becoming an educator with the possibility of being a Belfast fiction writer as a pursuit of passion.

Now that I have changed career and looked to further my passion as a Belfast fiction author into something a little more, I will take stock of what I have done and where I plan for things to go in 2020.

I wrote a blog about my plans as an Irish Writer and what I planned to publish. However, I wanted to focus this piece solely on my creative writing blog plans for 2020. I had a hugely successful creative writing blog in 2019, and I want to further that project throughout 2020.

There is no doubt that I have learned so much in the past few years, and I know what my tutors said during my Creative Writing MA about living and ‘just writing’. I know I wanted things to happen in a heartbeat when I was 21-years-old. Now I am 36, I know what they meant by those statements. I know I needed to write, I needed to live, and I needed to find a voice.

Within the SG Fiction Creative Writing Blog, I know I have found a voice aside from my author voice in Inside Iris. As I write here, I want you guys to feel like I’m talking to you and that I come across in a warm and welcoming manner. Being an educator, I want to share what I feel may help you develop as a writer, but I also want to engage with you through email and the comments at the bottom of blogs such as this one.


Type Cast Version 2.0

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The original Type Cast Young Writers’ Blog will be expanded to include writers of all ages who have an interesting story about themselves and their writing. Are you interested? Email me to enquire.


The Type Cast Young Writers’ Blog was a huge success last year. I sincerely loved reading and learning about all of the writers who took part. Again, you guys helped kick off the blog when I remade my website, and I can’t thank you enough.

Throughout the series, I had lots of emails from people asking to be a part of the blog. However, because they were over 25, they were unable to feature.

The other slight issue I had was that quite a few young authors felt somewhat embarrassed about the idea of appearing and that they ‘weren’t real writers’. Even though I tried to persuade them otherwise, they felt unsure about appearing at that time. The offer is still there for you when you think you would like to appear.

Therefore, I decided to open up the Type Cast Blog to any authors who feel they have an interesting story to share about themselves and their writing. I have already got several writers waiting in the wings for their questionnaire, but I would like to get the series to at least ten.

If you would like to appear in the Type Cast Writers’ Blog, please email me at We can have a brief exchange by mail, and I will get the new questionnaire to you to fill in. The questionnaire will have ten questions about you and your work. All you do is fill them in and send them back. I write the intro and conclusion to the piece and illustrate it with 3-4 images of you and your work.

That’s all you need to do. Does this sound like something you would be interested in? Please drop me an email, and we can get the ball rolling. Check out the previous Type Cast examples to see if you would like to be a part.

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Author Blog: Scott Gilmore | Belfast Fiction Writer

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Click the image to read one of my most read blogs of 2019. Here, I share how I feel Belfast has shaped me as a blogger and fiction author.


When compiling my creative writing blog into categories, I wanted to stick to what is known as the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds consists of:

  • 1/3 helpful/informative – Creative Writing Tips category,
  • 1/3 personal – Author Blog, and
  • 1/3 promotional – Type Cast & my promotion.

By choosing to approach my blogs in this format, I wanted to ensure I was able to show those who read the pieces a little bit of myself as the person behind Inside Iris, and soon to be Anna’s Awakening.

With the focus being on me for 2020, I want to share my updates, news, and upcoming events, such as my creative writing courses and author events. I have ideas in mind for what to share and what to include within this section as the year goes on, especially with the composition of The Hexingham Chronicles and Iris Trilogy book 3.

For me, this is about sharing the ‘day in the life’ of what it is to be a Belfast blogger and fiction writer. As I continue to grow as a fiction author, I feel it is important to share it with the online writing community as well as engage with conversation and comments.


Creative Writing Tips

creative writing advice

Click on the link to read the relevant article.


With my new job, one area that has been somewhat neglected has been by SG Fiction YouTube channel. Within this has been The Forge and Two-Minute Fix series. 

Between writing my blogs as well as composing blogs for paying clients as a freelance SEO blogger, it isn’t very easy to find the time to spend 3-4 hours creating and editing a video for YouTube. I know I will come back to the YouTube channel when time allows it. However, until then, I will have to focus on the writing side of things for now.

I hope to start a series of creative writing tips for 2020 that is yet unnamed, but they will be planned and composed as I launch into writing with my two upcoming fiction pieces. 

As an educator, I feel it is important that I create creative writing tips series to encourage other writers. I think I have something to offer writers of all ages and will get to planning the series in the coming weeks. 

If you have any suggestions for tips that you would like me to address in 2020, please comment below. I’d love to hear what you guys are thinking.


Belfast Blogger: Creative Writing Blog In 2020

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I have big plans for the SG Fiction Creative Writing Blog in 2020. I thoroughly love planning the content and looking through the various writing community hashtags for inspiration. By reading what you guys talk about, I’m able to get ideas and plan out content that I know will be of use to us all as creatives.

I want to increase the interaction between blogger and reader in 2020, so please email me at with how you feel the blog has been going so far and any ideas you may have for future content. I would also love to get some more comments on the blogs from you as a reader. By starting a conversation, we will be able to share ideas and develop the community.

On Wednesday 5th February, I will start the first of a monthly guest blog spot on Something Or Other Publishing’s Blog. The idea here is to compose another series of creative writing tips or book marketing advice pieces for writers on another blogging platform other than my own.

As I bring this blog to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for reading, sharing, and commenting on the content I create. We are one as an online writing community and you have helped my blog and website to scale the Google rankings rapidly in the last while. With your help, I would like to make this blog even bigger and better.

Let’s do it!


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