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Scott Gilmore


The IRIS Trilogy

The IRIS Trilogy is the hit dystopian sci-fi series from the dystopian fiction author, Scott Gilmore. Set in a world where viral pandemics are a regular occurrence, the world’s future lies in the DNA of a teenage girl – Iris.

As the world around Iris relies on her DNA to synthesise cures for both known and upcoming diseases and viruses, she learns how her young life was taken from her at an early age. Iris’ right to freedom is answered by Jade and The Resistance, rescuing her from a life of experiments and medical procedures inside The Institute. 

The Authorities and Security Forces proceed to hunt the young Iris down. It is a race against time to expose the truths and what happened to Iris as humanity battles viruses and disease. 

The IRIS Trilogy is a series of dystopian fiction novels that question where the line is when it comes to medical ethics. Where do we draw the line when the future of the human race is at stake?

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Fans of dystopian science fiction will see The IRIS Trilogy as a must-read series of novels that are both contemporary and relevant in a post-Covid 19 world. As our world emerges from lockdowns and the tragedies that have come about from our real-life pandemic, Inside Iris and Anna’s Awakening have added poignance.

With book three of the trilogy due to be published in early 2021, click the buttons below to get your copies of Inside Iris and Anna’s Awakening, today! Both Inside Iris and Anna’s Awakening are available on:

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For readings of free chapters and book extracts, go to the My Media page of the website. Here, you can listen to the first three chapters of Inside Iris for free and several chosen extracts of Anna’s Awakening.

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