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A Fan Of Sci-fi Books? Read

Anna’s Awakening

By Fiction Author, Scott Gilmore

Anna’s Awakening is the perfect read for any fan of dystopian sci-fi books. Set in a dystopian world where pandemics are rife, one girl’s genetic gift has the potential to save humanity.

Set two years after Inside, Iris and the dramatic escape from The Institute, the now seventeen-year-old Iris lives on a remote estate in Scotland. Here, she unravels her past and claims her true identity of Anna.

As Iris becomes Anna, she learns the truth about her life at The Institute. It is this truth that awakens Anna, lighting a fire inside that changes her life forever.

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Anna’s Awakening: Your Next Dystopian Read

In a post Covid-19 society, the question of how viral pandemics and the spreading of diseases has become a reality. However, in a world where cures lie in the DNA of a select few, where is the line drawn?

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Anna's Awakening: A fast paced story of recovery & betrayal!

The second instalment of the IRIS Trilogy didn’t disappoint.

The story picks up two years after we left Iris and we see her continue recover from past traumas as she tries to stay out of the reach of the authorities.

This fast paced story of recovery and betrayal and you are left wondering how it will all end. Characters from the past return and new ones enter to have pivotal roles as the story continues to unfolds.

This is a great read, especially in our uncertain times. Highly recommend this book for all adults young and old!


Anna's Awakening Is An Excellent Sequel To Inside Iris!

When I bought this novel, I couldn’t wait to see what happened after the dramatic ending of Inside Iris!

The character has grown and matured in the two years that have passed. I loved getting back into her story and seeing how she had changed.

Learning about what the researchers in The Institute did to Iris was heart-breaking. I really felt I was there with Anna as she learned what had been done to her young body.

I read Anna’s Awakening during Covid lockdown and loved how the hints at pandemics are written into the story.

Definitely a 5-star read and I can’t wait for the final instalment!

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