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A Fan Of Sci-fi Books? Read

Inside Iris

By Fiction Author, Scott Gilmore

The perfect read for any fan of dystopian sci-fi books. Set in a dystopian world where pandemics are rife, one girl’s genetic gift has the potential to save mankind.

Escape into the fictional metropolis of Hexingham and follow the story of Jade and The Resistance as they free Iris from a research facility, The Institute.

Join the revolutionaries as they flee the Security Forces in the hope of freeing Iris for good. See if Iris can outrun those who wish to capture her once more.

If you’re looking for new paperback or Kindle sci-fi books to read, Inside Iris is the must-read page-turner to buy today.


Inside Iris: Your Next Dystopian Read

In a post Covid-19 society, the question of how viral pandemics and the spreading of diseases has become a reality. However, in a world where cures lie in the DNA of a select few, where is the line drawn?

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Inside Iris - Five Stars!

What a brilliant first novel! The level of suspense maintained throughout as we learn about the main character is incredibly well done.

Inside Iris is a top read for anyone in to sci-fi books!

I have now gifted this book to a friend with teenagers and I hope they enjoy it as I did. Can’t wait to read more in this series!


A perfect read to escape. Highly Recommend Inside Iris!

This was one of the best sci-fi books that I have read this year.

Although it wasn’t my usual genre, I was engrossed in the book. As the plot developed and I learned more about the character of Iris, who was so captivating and intriguing.

Can’t wait to read the next book in the trilogy.


Inside Iris Is A Gripping Read!

Absolutely fantastic read, couldn’t put it down.

One of those sci-fi books you can’t wait to see how it ends, but then you’re sorry when you finish it. In this case there’s more to look forward to.

I highly recommend to other fans of sci-fi books!

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