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Welcome to the creative writing blog of Belfast fiction author, Scott Gilmore. Scott is the UK’s top creative writing blogger, and this page gives practical advice for writers of all ages and experience levels.

Here you will find articles that include:

  1. Creative Writing Tips & Advice,
  2. Book Marketing & Promotion Pointers and
  3. ‘Type Cast’ Young Author interviews.

Composing a creative writing blog article every week, Scott aims to create content that is of use to writers of all abilities and skill levels. He believes it is essential to share his experiences working as a fiction author and professional SEO copywriter. The blog content is composed in the hope that others can implement elements of blogging, website development, and fiction writing tips to reach new readers.

Whether you are just starting as a writer or an experienced author with multiple fiction books under your belt, there will be a blog article that speaks to you. Having an understanding of the publication and promotional process is vital, especially as many writers choose to be independently or self-published. By using the search function, you can browse the many articles to see if one of Scott’s articles can help.

After writing his debut novels, Inside Iris and Anna’s Awakening, Scott was determined to assist other aspiring authors on their writing journey. As an active member of the online writing community, Scott loves to hear from fellow writers with suggestions for blog content. If you have any ideas for future articles, contact Scott with your suggestion via email.


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When sharing an SG Fiction blog article, simply read a blog, share it on social media, and comment in the section at the bottom to start a conversation. Scott loves to read comments from contributors and replies as regularly as he can.

Blog collaborations are an excellent way to forge relationships within the writing community as well as developing website SEO. For those bloggers and writers with websites of their own, Scott actively collaborates with content creators to generate blog topics on the SG Fiction website. If you are a writer and would be interested in a blog collaboration, contact Scott via email or social media today.

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