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Scott is available for author readings and bookings as well as creative writing workshops in schools. For availability, contact Scott directly using the form below.  


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Scott’s passion for teaching creative writing techniques to young people and beginning writers inspires him to write his own fiction as well as create YouTube content.

Being a teacher with over 10 years’ experience, Scott’s content is created with teenagers and children in mind. He is also a Literacy and ICT/iPad specialist with training as a subject coordinator. All of the lessons that Scott teachers with the children are discussed with Head of Department or a Class Teacher to ensure they tie in with something the pupils have done or are about to cover at the time. This is to ensure cohesion with the teaching in the class or year group so learners get the most out of the experience with SG Fiction.

Scott has a Creative Writing Master’s Degree from Queen’s University, Belfast, which he draws upon to assist young and inexperienced writers develop their craft. Linked with his own experience as an independent author, Scott wants to share what he has learned as a young writer in Northern Ireland.

Contact Scott using the form below to arrange a workshop with your class or school today.


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Whether you are looking for an author to appear at your local literature festival, local book store or reading group, Scott is available for bookings to read and discuss his work. He is keen to talk about his work and his writing process with fellow literature enthusiasts and budding authors.

His current work, The Iris Trilogy Book One, Inside Iris, is available on Kindle and paperback from Amazon.

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