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The IRIS Trilogy is Scott Gilmore’s current series of fiction books to be published on Kindle and paperback from Amazon. Fans of dystopian science fiction will find Inside Iris and Anna’s Awakening both enthralling reads from start to finish.

With the first two instalments available to purchase immediately, readers can read Iris’ story before the final part of the trilogy is published in early 2021.

Scott’s current work in progress is his short story collection, Hexingham Chronicles. These short pieces of fiction are written from the viewpoints of Hexingham citizens, the metropolis in the IRIS Trilogy.

If you are looking to purchase fiction books from an up and coming Irish independent author, look no further than Scott Gilmore. Scroll down to learn more about his work and read his latest author blog articles.

Current & Upcoming Fiction Books

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Inside Iris

Scott’s debut novel, Inside Iris, is one of 2019’s top-selling dystopian fiction books on Kindle download.

Set in a world where global pandemics are a regular occurrence, Iris’ DNA holds the key to humanity’s survival.

Inside Iris Reading

Click the button above to listen to a reading of chapter one of Scott’s debut novel, Inside Iris. This reading allows you to listen to this dystopian book’s introduction as read by the author himself. This is the perfect introduction to the trilogy of Kindle fiction books – The Iris Trilogy.

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Anna’s Awakening

Scott’s second novel, Anna’s Awakening, was published in March 2020 and is set two years after Inside Iris.

When Iris learns her true identity, she sheds her alias and becomes Anna. As she discovers truths about what happened in The Institute, Anna’s reality starts to unravel before her eyes.

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Anna’s Awakening Promo

Click the button above to listen to an extract of Scott’s second novel, Anna’s Awakening. This short extract gives the reader a taster of what is in the second of Scott’s Kindle fiction books – Anna’s Awakening.

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Hexingham Chronicles

The Hexingham Chronicles is a short story collection due to be published in late-2020, sharing tales from the ordinary people of Hexingham – the metropolis in The IRIS Trilogy.

This collection can only add to the fabric of the world surrounding The Authorities, Anna, and her struggle for freedom.

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Iris Flashbacks Promo

Click the button above to watch to a short piece to promote Scott’s debut novel, Inside Iris. This short video reading gives a glimpse of the turmoil within Iris’ tortured mind. Get a copy of Inside Iris and Anna’s Awakening today and experience the Iris Trilogy for yourself.

Fiction Books To Be Released

Coming Late 2020

Hexingham Chronicles

Short Story Collection

Scott’s third book, Hexingham Chronicles, is due to be published in mid 2020. This collection of short stories is taken from the points of view of the citizens of Hexingham – the dystopian metropolis of the IRIS Trilogy. This is a perfect addition to your library of paperback or Kindle fiction books.

Perfect for a fan of short stories and the previous releases of Inside Iris & Anna’s Awakening. 


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