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Scott Gilmore: The Writer

The UK and Ireland’s latest fiction author, Scott Gilmore, is a writer of dystopian fiction from Belfast. His interest in science fiction movies and books led him to write his two novels, Inside Iris and Anna’s Awakening.

The first book in The IRIS Trilogy, Inside Iris, is one of the best dystopian sci-fi books for fans of the genre. Reaching number 3 in several charts of the Kindle Store in summer 2019, Inside Iris is a must-read sci-fi triller.

Scott’s second book, Anna’s Awakening, is the second instalment of The IRIS Trilogy. Picking up two years after the ending of Inside Iris, the story unfolds elements of Iris’ past. In book two, Iris starts to learn what happened to her when inside The Institute.


SG Fiction Digital

Scott has a YouTube channel, SG Fiction. Here, there are many pieces of audio and visual content linked to Inside Iris and Anna’s Awakening. Content includes free audiobook chapters and reading extracts from choice areas of both novels.

Being a classroom teacher for over ten years, Scott has a passion for developing the creative writing skills of young people. The Forge and Two Minute Fix are two series on the SG Fiction YouTube channel to:

• Share story ideas with beginner writers;
• Share tips that can be used as creative writing exercises;
• Develop a passion for story writing and storytelling in all of those who view and subscribe to the channel.

Click on the hyperlinked book titles above to learn more and purchase your copy of Inside Iris and Anna’s Awakening today.

Both books are available on:

Kindle eBook from the KDP UK Kindle Store, and
• Paperback copy purchased from Amazon.

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Since he published Inside Iris and Anna’s Awakening, Scott has grown to become a successful author, SEO copywriter, and digital trainer.

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