‘Creative Writing Belfast’ is searched for a lot on Google. Why not start your fiction writing journey today with Queen’s University MA graduate and fiction author, Scott Gilmore?

Scott Gilmore – BA, MA, PGCE & Trainer

Creative Writing Belfast is searched for over 50 times a month on average, according to Google. As a UK fiction authorprofessional SEO blogger, qualified teacher, and Digital Marketing Trainer with Big Rock Digital in Belfast, I have a wide range of practical knowledge and expertise to deliver one of the best all-round Creative Writing courses in Northern Ireland.

Being a Queen’s University Creative Writing MA graduate, I have learned much about the world of writing from some of the most notable names and creative writing fellows within the Seamus Heaney Centre. During this time, I learned a lot about my practice as a playwright and an author. By completing this course and then moving into teaching, I was able to share creative writing with children aged from 5 – 16. Creative writing is what I love, and I want to share it with you.

By enrolling on one of my creative writing courses, you will learn strategies for planning, developing, and writing a story. However, with the world of creative writing becoming much more digitised, the world of social media and blogging is now an essential part of developing an all-round presence as an author online and in book stores. Both my Start At The Beginning and Oh, My Blog writing courses are available to view on my Author Events page. Here, you will get a description of the course and the layout of the modules taught.

In this blog, I outline the reasons why you should book a course with me over some of the more traditional providers. You will also get a breakdown of what each course offers and will be able to book a place via Eventbrite. Work with me to start your writing journey today. Take that step and write the story you’ve always wanted.

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Creative Writing Belfast: Oh, My Blog Course

In the past two years, I have become one of the highest-ranking creative writing bloggers in the UK. This has been due to several reasons:

  • Creative content planning,
  • Continual analysis of data,
  • Working to help young and developing authors,
  • Offering book marketing advice, and,
  • Following SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) best practice.

As a former teacher and someone who trains businesses in digital marketing and Adobe applications, I have combined my professional skills to ensure the blogs I write are at a top standard for SEO. This means that all of the creative writing blog articles I create will rank better on Google and drive traffic to my website.

In a world where a digital footprint is essential for any business’ success, we must learn to sell ourselves well as authors and increase our profile. Whether you are a traditionally published author, an indie author, or a self-published writer, there is a lot to be learned and gained from writing SEO blog content.

I am someone who is a member of the creative writing Belfast community as an independent author and one of the most vital skills I have learned is to utilise areas like,

  • Search Engine Optimisation,
  • Social Media, and,
  • SEO Blog & Content Creation.

It isn’t enough to be an author now in the digital world. We need to diversify, and this course is one way you can start to become more diverse as an author, writer, poet, or screenwriter.

Check out the Oh, My Blog Eventbrite page and book a place today on this four-week author blog creative writing course in Belfast.


Creative Writing Belfast: Start At The Beginning Course

Returning for a second run is my beginning and young author class, Start At The Beginning. This course was taken by some budding writers first time round, and it was awesome to work with them.

As these teens were at the start of their writing journey, it was excellent for me as an author to see how young writers form their ideas. Their approach to storytelling was terrific and somewhat fearless, which was inspiring for me to see as a 36-year-old. 

This course is tailored for those who want to explore what storytelling is and the essential characteristics that make up a story. The six-week course is made up of the following modules:

  • What Makes A ‘Good Story’ 
  • Character Development 
  • Building A Setting 
  • Plotting Our Story 
  • Adding Detail and The Dreaded First Draft 
  • Redrafting and Pulling It All Together

In the end, the idea is that those who are considering writing a story will be equipped with knowledge, tips, and advice that they can use to put their words onto paper.

To begin your creative writing journey as a beginning or a young writer, check out the Start At The Beginning Eventbrite page. Book a place today to take the first steps to writing your debut novel at this creative writing course in Belfast.


Online Courses: Coming Soon

Being a qualified teacher, fiction author, digital marketing tutor, and professional copywriter, I can compose and create my video courses. These courses will soon be available to take online via Udemy

The availability for me to work online from my office and record course content for people all over the world is now an option via platforms like Udemy. This is more vital for me as over 55% of my website traffic comes from the US and Canada – thank you, Google Analytics!

In the coming months, I will compile a series of videos and upload them onto my Udemy course portfolio for people to take around the world. These courses will be available to be taken from the comfort of your own home.

I will start with an online version of the ‘Oh, My Blog!’ and ‘Start At The Beginning’ courses and look to progress to upload other pieces that would have a focus towards other aspects that I am qualified to teach. These may include:

  • Social Media & The Author,
  • YouTube Marketing & The Author,
  • Author Websites & On-Page SEO.

These are very basic ideas that I hope to cover in the Udemy course portfolio. What do you think? Would they interest you? What areas would you like to see me cover? Comment below.

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Click on the image to see the fiction books I have released so far. Both Inside Iris and Anna’s Awakening are available for purchase on Kindle and paperback from Amazon.


Creative Writing Belfast: The Takeaway

As someone passionate about creative writing and educating people, I will always look for course content that I can facilitate either in central Belfast, or online via sites like Udemy.

I have structured two courses that I am proud of, and this Creative Writing Belfast blog was written to share the options I have available to local writers.

Yes, there are other courses from other ‘traditional’ creative writing providers, but none of them do what I do. As someone who is a qualified teacher as well as an author and digital marketing trainer, I can share course content that other local course providers can’t.

The world of writing and publication is becoming more reliant on digital marketing from the author. It is also moving more towards self-publication and independent publication rather than chasing down agents, large publishers, and manuscripts lying around in slush piles.

The two Belfast Creative Writing courses I have put together can help local writers piece together a story and consider their author profile. By marketing yourself as a writer or author, you are showing yourself off as the man or woman behind the book.

My 360-degree approach to course creation is something I hope to evolve further. There is so much that we can learn from one another as authors, and I would love to hear your feedback and course suggestions in the comments below.


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