As professional Belfast SEO copywriter & blogger in Belfast, I know how vital blogs are for SEO on a website. Whether you’re an author or a business, here’s how I can help!

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I am a freelance SEO copywriter in the Belfast area. I also provide mentoring and digital training.


An election has been and gone, and we are sailing onwards towards 2020, full steam ahead. Working as a freelance SEO blogger and copywriter in Belfast, it is clear that many businesses within Ireland are still unsure as to what the future holds.

There is no doubt that the New Year will continue to hold uncertainty for many small and medium-sized businesses within Belfast and Northern Ireland. However, if you look to increase your company’s online digital profile in 2020, I have a series of SEO copywriting services and packages that can help you achieve this.

Many authors and writers within Northern and Southern Ireland remain unsure as to how to go about promoting their novels and works online. As an SEO blogger and copywriting professional, I can offer tailored online marketing services for authors, writers, poets, and dramatists to help promote their work online in 2020.

As 2020 and Brexit approaches, let me assist you with removing some of the uncertainty with a professional SEO copywriting or blog package today. Read on to see how SG Fiction Copywriting can help you as a writer, or a business.

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About Scott Gilmore: SEO Blogger & Copywriter, Belfast

I have an English Literature degree from the University of Ulster. I also hold a Creative Writing Master’s Degree obtained from Queen’s University, Belfast. I am a published fiction author and have a website with multiple blogs/articles that I write to promote my novel.

I have been able to make use of YouTube SEO Marketing with an SG Fiction Channel. I use this to assist with book promotion and increase my digital exposure with increased Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

I have completed multiple digital marketing courses and have certification in SEO, YouTube Marketing, Google Ads, and Google Analytics. This has given me an extra insight into how to approach the area of Digital Marketing within my own business as well as a freelance SEO copywriter writing for private business clients.

When approaching a given topic, I work to ensure the subject is researched from multiple online sources and write the desired copy, so it is as unique and original as possible. I work to ensure that all preparation is checked in relation to sites like Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends, so all keywords are viable and of use to the campaign or blog.

I also ask a client for any relevant internal links that may be provided as well as those of local competitors. Once the copy is written, it will always be checked through Grammarly to ensure complete cohesion.

If you are a professional author, poet, playwright in Northern or Southern Ireland, I can help you to shape and craft an online SEO copywriting, blogging, and social media strategy that works for you and your art. With a targeted and planned Search Engine Optimised approach for 2020, we can help you to rank higher on Google search engines.

For businesses, working as a professional SEO copywriter in the Belfast area and beyond, I am used to liaising with marketing professionals within your company to ensure that all SEO copy and blog materials line up with company strategy for 2020. I work with your teams to include keyword dense copy that will assist your firm’s chances of ranking higher on Google.

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Scott Gilmore’s Professional SEO Copywriting & Blogging Services

As I move into 2020, I have tailored a series of services that are available for professional writer, companies, and businesses across Belfast, Northern Ireland, and Southern Ireland. There is an SEO copywriting package available that can help sole-traders, small, or medium-sized businesses in 2020.

My SEO copywriter and blogging services include:

SEO Optimised Blog Articles

I work to create bespoke SEO optimised blog articles for many clients across a series of professional sectors and industries. Prices are all quoted based on the needs of the article and the length of the material required by the client. However, base SEO Copywriting & Blogging packages are available via the hyperlink.

SEO Strategy & Website Auditing

By working alongside a client, I can assist with the development of a strategy for SEO for your business. With the use of Google keyword analysis and bespoke, crafted SEO copy, we can work to help your company get found online.

Copywriting is only the first piece of the puzzle. For SEO to add significant value to your website, you may need to undertake an SEO audit of all content. Here, I would analyse each page of your site to check it is optimised for SEO and your business’ needs.

Ghostwriting Services

Various Kindle book or eBook publishers look for professional authors to write pieces for publication under a pseudonym. I am an independently, published author through Kindle & eBook formats. I work with clients to ensure their product meets requirements, and write quotes based on specific word length and possible research or preparation.

Product and Book Reviews

If you are a print or online publication looking for a specific product review, I offer services to compile a detailed product analysis. Once the customer has shared the aspects of the specific product to be reviewed, I can quote a cost based on word length and extent of the product review required.

For self-published, independent, and traditionally published authors, I offer book review services for online sources. These sources include Amazon, Goodreads, and also my website and social media streams.

SEO Optimised Website Content

If you need SEO optimised copy to be written for your company’s website, I can provide keyword-rich copy to be added to your website by yourself or a hired third party. I work to ensure all text is unique and meets the specifications of all clients and the products they market.

These services are accessible for all companies as well as professional or independent authors.

SEO Mentoring

As a sole-trader, small, or medium-sized company, you may want to tend to your SEO copywriting, blogging, and social media requirements. If that is the situation, I offer bespoke, tailored SEO copywriter services to support with just that.

I work alongside you directly or a member of your organisation to shape an SEO strategy for 2020 that accommodates your business’ or author needs.

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Being qualified to MA level, I am able to compile and write bespoke, high-level SEO blogs as a freelance copywriter. Contact me today to see how I can help you in 2020.

SEO Copywriting Packages & Pricing

As a trained freelance SEO copywriter in Belfast, I offer a series of packages that provides choice for a client and their company. All SEO copywriting prices listed guidance, and further bespoke packages can be tailored to suit a client’s needs.

I complete paid copywriting work for several clients around Northern Ireland. I have a variety of copywriting skills that I can tailor to any business’ needs.

Scott Gilmore: Belfast SEO Copywriter Pricing Structure

On the SEO Copywriting Prices page of my website, there are three simple packages to choose from on each service. The SEO packages run from Bronze to Silver, and then Gold.

The pricing increases as the services get more in-depth and complex. However, arrangements can be made to tailor a package to a client’s needs, whether they are a business or a writer.

To inquire about a quotation, use the contact form on the SEO Copywriting Prices page and arrange a consultation today. You can also email me at to discuss a possible SEO copywriting relationship today.

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Click on the image to see the fiction books I have released so far. Both Inside Iris and Anna’s Awakening are available for purchase on Kindle and paperback from Amazon.


Working as a freelance SEO Copywriter in Belfast and the Belfast area is an exciting and rewarding job. I work with Invest NI and local businesses in Belfast and North Down to help increase their online presence.

If you would like to hire a local SEO copywriter with outstanding writing skills to increase your business’ digital footprint in 2020, contact me today and see how we can set the new year off with a bang.