SEO blogs and website copy that is Search Engine Optimised are essential to increase your awareness online. Whether you’re an author or a business, this is how SEO content help online.


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SEO blogs and website copy that is written for Search Engine Optimisation are essential to increase your awareness online. Whether you’re an author or a business, SEO content will help potential readers, website visitors, and customers find you online. This means that you stand a greater chance of letting people know that you are out there.

Authors and smaller businesses can find it difficult to get their website to rank on Google or other search engines. I have been one of those writers, so I understand exactly how it feels. However, by understanding what SEO blogs and website copy are, you stand a greater chance of composing content that Google will be able to understand. Therefore, those who search for terms linked to what you do will be able to find you, your books, your products, and services.

Search Engine Optimisation is not an exact science and those wonderful people at Google don’t like to share their secrets about which elements of SEO blogs rank better. They also love to change their algorithms on Google and YouTube, meaning that your content can slide down the search rankings (or SERPs).

As a fiction author, Digital Marketing Trainer, and SEO blogger & content creator, I offer services that help authors and businesses get found better online. I also run author and writing workshops in the Belfast area that can be attended by those who are local. However, if you are in the US and a flight to Belfast is out of the question, I also like to share some nuggets on my creative writing blog that can give you a few pointers.

I love writing SEO blogs and creating Search Engine Optimised content for myself and the clients I work alongside. I get to be creative and earn money at the same time. Another aspect I love is being able to help local businesses shout about their amazing local products and services online.

As I make my way through this article, I will share some tips for those who are looking to start an author blog and how you can take simple steps to help your content get found online.

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SEO Blogs & You

As always, all articles that are posted on my Creative Writing Blog are SEO blogs.  This means that reading them will give you an idea about how website content should be structured for Search Engine Optimisation.

The first thing you should do when considering creating any content for distribution online is to make a plan. This means that you will be able to make the best and most productive use of your time online.

We are all incredibly busy people with home life, children, jobs, pets, studying, and writing! There is no time to spare when it comes to developing your voice online. This means that you need to plan how you want your voice to be received and also how you want it to come across.

When I started blogging, I knew little about SEO blogs. I had an old WIX website that had very little Search Engine Optimisation within its pages or content. However, I wanted to have a creative writing blog that:

  • Was a voice for me as an author online,
  • Let readers learn about the author behind Inside Iris and Anna’s Awakening,
  • Shared creative writing tips, and,
  • Is always written in a tone that reads as though I was talking to the reader directly.

I know it may sound boring to plan your social media and SEO blogs, but it means that your audience don’t get bombarded by pictures of you eating breakfast, posting ‘funny’ writer memes that everyone has seen a thousand times, or your latest pair of Harry Potter socks.

If you are an author and want to share specific, useful information for those who visit your website or follow you on social media, you should consider what you want from blogs and social media networks. Once you have done that, make a plan that optimises that as best as possible.

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As a Belfast blogger, I want to have a louder voice in local creative writing. Click the image to read the full blog.


Word Count & Google

As a freelance SEO copywriter and content creator, I went around a number of digital marketing firms to get work experience before I decided to take the leap of faith and walk away from teaching. One issue that I found across a number of them was the length of blog that they were writing for their clients.

When it comes to creating a blog that is written for Search Engine Optimisation, it is vital that you have enough content on the page for Google to see the article as an article of worth. There is no exact science to SEO blogs and word count, but you need at least 1,000 words on the page and towards 2,000 if possible.

I know I’m a nerd and write for a living, but the fact was that the blogs that I was asked to write on freelancer websites and within digital marketing agencies were not SEO blogs. This means that Google will not see them as a valuable source of information and their ranking (SERP) will be lower. In the most simple terms, customers wouldn’t find them when searching online.

When you are writing your author blog or as a business considering hiring a freelance SEO content creator, you should seriously consider word length when composing a blog. This is vital for your ranking on Google and for you to get exposure online for the articles you write or have written for you.

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Click on the image to read my blog post Guide To KDP: Selling eBooks. This is one of my most widely read blogs. Read the article to see what I have shared and comment at the bottom of the article with your views.


SEO Blogs & Images

When I write SEO blogs for my SG Fiction website or for clients, I adhere to what is known as SEO best practice. Within this term, there is a requirement for images to be used and labelled appropriately.

I have lost count of how many website I go on (including marketing agencies) who have images saved as, IMG2748826253.jpg. When you look at that file name, what does it tell you?

This is similar to how Google feels when it trawls your website for relevant information.

When you name an image, you need to label it as though you want Google to know what it is. if you are a UK fiction author, which file name is better:

  1. IMG3672884473.jpg, or
  2. uk-fiction-author.

I assume you all chose number two? You’re right. This is a simple and free fix to ensure you include images on your SEO blogs that will help your site get found on Google.

Check the images on your blog posts to see if the images have hyphenated file names. If they don’t, start adding them from now on.

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Email me at to be a part of the next series of Type Cast.


Blog Structure

As you can see, when I create a blog that is composed for Search Engine Optimisation, there is a clear structure. I follow the same structure for each and every blog I create and there is a reason for this.

By including the same elements every time, and being rigid about their inclusion, means that I am able to publish SEO blogs that will stand the best possible chance of ranking on Google when people search for the keywords and terms that I have targeted.

Therefore, in order for you to compose blog content that will give your website a better chance of ranking in SERPs, you need to apply the same rigid structure to your on author or business blogs. In the coming months, I will launch a creative writing course in Belfast that will look at blogging for authors and writers in more detail. Check out my author events page for further details as to what the course will entail.

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If you are an author or business looking for advice or training, this article will give you an idea of what I can offer. Click the image to read the article.


Whether you’re an author or a business, SEO content can definitely help potential readers, website visitors, and customers find you online. By standing a greater chance of letting people know that you are out there, you will get your name onto the search engine results pages with your competitors or fellow authors.

Authors and smaller businesses still find it difficult to get their website to rank on search engines. However, by creating SEO blogs and website copy, you stand a greater chance of ranking higher on Google. This will mean that those who search for terms linked to what you do will be able to find you, your books, your products, and services.

Comment below with your thoughts on SEO blogs or how you approach your author blog. I love to hear what you guys do in order to share your author story and how you boost your presence online.