SEO Copywriting Cost: A Price Worth Paying To Get Noticed Online

SEO copywriting cost for authors and smaller businesses can be seen as a luxury. However, it is a price worth paying. Here’s why.



SEO copywriting cost is something that small and medium-sized businesses, as well as authors, need to consider if they want to make a mark online. Search Engine Optimisation is a crucial area in digital marketing, but it inevitably comes with a cost.

Since I changed my career from working as a full-time teacher, I have worked tirelessly to develop my skills in digital marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, and digital content creation. I have also done my utmost to research SEO copywriting costs for blogs and website content, so I can accurately inform my clients.

Many smaller businesses and authors do not have much disposable income to set aside for a digital marketing strategy that includes Search Engine Optimisation of their website and blogs. However, many SEO copywriters, like myself, can tailor packages that include training programmes that can cut the SEO copywriting cost for a smaller business or author.

As we consider the cost of SEO content, we need to answer the question of why it is worth paying. A freelance copywriter, like myself, will always say the price is worth it. However, why is it worth it, and what can a smaller business or an author get for their investment. Let’s take a look.

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What Is Involved In SEO Copywriting Cost?

When I work with an author or a business, I like to be upfront with the process that Search Engine Optimisation requires. The fact is that many companies assume they will see instant results for the investment they make. However, this is not the case and, when I meet with a client for the first time, I ensure that they are aware that it can take at least 2-3 months to see any change in your website’s performance.

What can you expect to see in SEO copywriting cost?

  • Keyword research – finding out the key terms that customers or readers are searching for online,
  • Web page audit – an audit is undertaken of how well a page is set up for SEO. This involves many steps,
  • On-page optimisation – website content is written to ensure it is optimised for Google as well as potential readers or clients. This consists of several processes,
  • Off-page optimisation – this is the area that takes longest and can be most complicated. The building of genuine links from other websites to your own. Be aware that buying website links can be detrimental to your website’s performance,
  • Content planning – using keywords, blog and digital content will be planned to match searcher’s intent,
  • Content creation – the creation of blogs or other digital content to match key searches online,
  • Continued monitoring – as with many areas, data is vital. This means that monitoring your website’s performance and ranking for your chosen keywords is critical. This includes referring to tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

As you can see, from the list above, there are several steps in the process when considering SEO copywriting cost. This is why SEO can be expensive for smaller businesses as well as authors. 

Many writers or sole traders do all of their own marketing and can rarely afford expensive digital marketing firms to take over their online SEO strategy. This is where mentoring and more tailored packages from SG Copywriting can help you in 2020.

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What Is The Benefit For Authors?

As an independent author from Belfast, Northern Ireland, I am fully aware of the process involved in the online marketing and promotion of myself as a writer as well as my novels. It is a huge job, and I have learned a lot from my own experience as well as focused training on SEO and digital marketing.

The fact that many traditionally published authors are considered to be responsible for their own marketing means that thinking of yourself as a business person is vital. 

Many authors online look at their websites as a way to casually introduce yourself to the world, but it is more than that. Now, in the hyper-competitive world of self-publication, Amazon, Kobo, and various other digital publication platforms, it is paramount that you polish your author persona for the world to see.

When an author approaches me for Search Engine Optimisation advice, I ask them to consider:

  • Their USP – find who they are as an author or writer. What makes them stand out?
  • Their content – every website needs regular content, but what material will you create?
  • The big picture – do you have a business plan? In twelve months, where do you see yourself to be, and how will you measure your progress?
  • What you want from writing – if you use writing as a hobby and don’t want lots of exposure, you can do as you please with your website and social media. However, if you’re going to make progress towards writing professionally, you need to plan and be serious about your craft.

As I have been privileged enough to have a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing, I have spent thousands of pounds honing my craft and voice as a writer. I also know that many other writers out there will spend thousands of pounds or dollars on creative writing courses in Belfast or elsewhere.

Why is it seen as less important to invest in your digital profile as an author? It is hard to sell your books or yourself as a writer when no one knows you’re there. 

If you would like to learn more about SG Copywriting and what I can do to help you as an author, email me at to see how we can work together.

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What Is The Benefit For Small Businesses?

Small businesses and sole traders are some of the hardest working people out there. It is often understated how many jobs small business owners need to complete daily.

By working with small and medium-sized businesses, it is clear to see there are several concerns they all share:

  • I have too much to do and don’t get time to write a 1,200 or 1,500-word blog!
  • How am I supposed to write social media posts when I have X on maternity leave?
  • I started doing my website, but it fell by the wayside.

The pressures on such business owners are very high. This means they could benefit from tailored SEO and social media packages or training from providers like me.

As I work with smaller businesses in my local area, I can share their concerns about ensuring the community has thriving shops, cafes, and commercial spaces. This is where smaller companies are the backbone of local economies and communities.

The SEO copywriting cost for smaller businesses can be a more significant percentage of the overall profits. Working alongside someone like myself, while learning about how to promote your business well, means that the work you put into online content creation or social media is time well spent. 

If you have a smaller business, who would like to learn how SG Copywriting can help you with your SEO content, contact me at today.

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SEO Copywriting Cost: The Big Picture

At SG Fiction Copywriting, I work to create bespoke and original SEO blogs for the paying clients I work alongside. When I gauge SEO copywriting cost, I consider not only the quality of the content being created but also the financial price for the client. 

When I work with an author or a business, I ask:

  • What are your business goals?
  • How rapidly do you want to achieve them?
  • What budget do you have to achieve those goals?

In the harsh business climate out there, companies and authors cannot afford sky-high fees for copywriting. By working alongside authors and business owners, I can provide one-to-one training to assist with the client generating their own SEO blog content. This means that they can halve the cost of the SEO blogs that I write for them. 

By learning how to implement Search Engine Optimisation strategies into your own blog writing, you can write a blog yourself while I write a second one. Depending on the content strategy we create, this can buy you time as an author or business owner to complete day-to-day work while still having rankable SEO blogs published regularly on your website. 

Search Engine Optimisation is a topic that needs to be looked at as a long-term project, and you need to consider the process alongside your bigger picture as a business or as an author. By putting in plans and investing in your online digital footprint, you can make gains as a company selling services or an author selling books.

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If you are an author or business who has wondered whether SEO copywriting costs are a price worth paying, the answer is yes. Look at my creative writing blogs to see examples of my Search Engine Optimised blog content and then contact me today at to see how we can help you in the months ahead.