Copywriting packages are available for businesses of all sizes with SG Fiction Copywriting. Read on to see how SEO content can help you in the year ahead.


In this Copywriting Packages article, you will find advice in these areas:

  • Copywriting Packages To Suit You & your business mean your website copy is created bespoke,
  • Mentoring Packages are available to work with you to achieve your goals, meaning you do part of the work yourself and save money,
  • SEO Blog Packages are set up to write optimised blog articles to help filter more traffic to your website from Google and social media,
  • Interactive Newsletters & e-Zines can showcase your products and services in a digital, interactive manner. These can help increase website traffic as clients click on hyperlinks that go directly to your webpages,
  • What you get from SG Copywriting is a highly professional and bespoke copywriting service that follows all SEO best practice.

Read the rest of the Copywriting Packages article to learn how you can be in the best shape possible online, post Covid-19.


Copywriting Packages To Suit You

Copywriting packages can help businesses of all sizes to get extra exposure online. From Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) focused website content to blogs, the SEO content I create can help your business get found organically on Google and other search engines.

As someone who has used strategic SEO content to increase his own copywriting business and fiction author website, I understand how to utilise keywords and Search Engine Optimisation best practice to structure content appropriately. I have used strategic keywords to help SG Fiction to rank highly on Google for specific search terms linked to Scott Gilmore as a fiction author and as an SEO copywriter.

SEO content can be used to assist businesses of all sizes to promote and share products or services. With structured copywriting package that is tailored to suit your company’s needs, I can work with you to increase website traffic and grow your footprint online.

In this article, I share some of the packages I offer clients and the benefits they can have for you as a business owner. Read on to see how SG Copywriting can help your business reach new heights in the year ahead.


Mentoring Packages

Many smaller businesses or sole traders can have less cash flow and will likely do the majority of their internet updating and social media themselves. In this case, I offer the option of one-to-one mentoring packages to assist such businesses with developing their online footprint.

With the one-to-one mentoring packages available, it is possible to tailor-make and tune the tuition and package to your business’ specific needs. Here, we can work together to carry out several tasks, like:

  • SEO Audit – Search Engine Optimisation is vital to get your business found online. I can work with any company to audit their website and find areas that can be improved upon realistically within their budget,
  • Website SEO Guidance – Once the SEO audit has been completed, a structured plan can be put in place to implement specific changes over a realistic period.
  • Content Planning – Both social media and blogs require content planning. Here, I can show you how I use content planning to set out a direction for the blogs, social media, and graphics content I look to create and post in a set period,
  • Blog Structure – When writing blogs, it is imperative that one structure the blog according to SEO best practice. By doing so, a blog can become a ranking referral document on Google to aid the direction of website traffic from search engines and social media networks.

These are but a taste of the mentoring packages SG Copywriting can implement with your business. As an experienced teacher and digital trainer, I can help you gain traction online today.


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SEO Blog Packages

One of the most popular packages SG Copywriting carries out for clients is that of SEO blog packages. As a fiction author, writing content is an area I find more comfortable to work with than most. Also, having a Creative Writing MA from Queen’s University, Belfast, and working as a Digital Marketing trainer for Big Rock Designs in Belfast, I have the experience and knowledge to write SEO blogs for businesses in any sector.

SEO blogs can increase your business’ digital footprint and help drive website traffic from Google and social media networks. When you get an SG Copywriting blog, you get a blog that includes all the areas required for Search Engine Optimisation.

Some of the areas I have written SEO blogs for include:

  • Salons & Beauty,
  • Telecommunications,
  • Travel & Leisure,
  • Digital Marketing & Business.

If you have a company who is looking to hire a freelance SEO blog writer, contact me today to see how I can lighten your workload. By eliminating a portion of the content writing for yourself or your marketing team, you can focus on bringing in more clients and closing deals.


Interactive e-Zine & Newsletter Packages

When a company has a host of new products or services in the pipeline, it is sometimes worthwhile composing an interactive e-Zine or newsletter. By compiling an entire portfolio of products and services into one brochure that can be:

  • Traditionally printed,
  • Distributed electronically via a mailing list, or
  • Posted online to a company’s website.

The flexibility that an interactive e-Zine or newsletter allows a business far outstrips that of a traditional, hard-copy of the same brochure. The ability to include internal links within the document as well as external website links means a company can add to a potential customer’s experience as well as gain additional website traffic.

By hiring SG Copywriting to compose and compile an interactive Newsletter or e-Zine for your business, you can showcase your products and services in a new way. Get your professional e-Zine or newsletter today, and bring your brochure into 2020 with a bang.

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This Google Search Console data shows my SG Fiction website’s increase in website impressions by employing SEO best practice and Search Engine Optimised blogs. How could your business benefit?


SEO Website Packages

When a website has been live for several years, any business can feel that the website copy and content could do with a spring clean.

This is where SG Copywriting comes in. I can revamp your website’s copy and give the site a new lease of life that can brighten up your online presence.

Considering a website is your company’s home online, it is vital that the copy is well written but is also Search Engine Optimised. This means that your site will show up higher on search engine rankings and potential clients could find you easier.

By hiring SG Copywriting to overhaul your website’s copy, you will get keyword research and a site audit to see which areas should be improved and the elements that can be reused in the revamped site as they are. When working with businesses, I like to include you in the process with updates and will set out a scheduled timeframe for the work’s completion.

If your website needs a freshen-up, take the pressure off and hire SG Copywriting today. I can give consultation or carry out the work for you so that you can keep your eyes on the day-to-day operations at hand.

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Copywriting Packages: What You Get

The copywriting packages outlined above are there to give all potential clients a guideline as to what can be created. However, as every business and client is unique, I can work with you to compose a pack that works for you and the sector you work in.

As someone who is trained in digital marketing and is a professional writer, I understand what is required to be on all web pages as well as blog articles to help them rank higher on Google. By following Search Engine Optimisation best practice, I include the following elements to optimise the copy I create for your website.

The elements include:

  • SEO Optimised Title Tags,
  • Meta Data that includes chosen keywords,
  • A hierarchical structure is followed to structure all content using Heading Tags,
  • Chosen keywords are optimised through the entirety of the copy,
  • Any images used are given appropriate names and alt text based on keywords used,
  • All internal and external hyperlinks are embedded inside the copy.

When you work with SG Copywriting for SEO content, I work to ensure you are investing in a digital fingerprint that will last into this year and beyond. Why not contact SG Copywriting to see how I can compose a bespoke copywriting package of SEO content for your business today.