Web SEO Copywriting Packages can seriously boost your company’s rankings and digital footprint. Get found online with SG Copywriting’s SEO packages today!


In this Website Copywriting Packages article, you will find information on the following areas:

• SEO Website Copywriting Packages can help you climb the Google rankings as a business owner or a writer,
• What the benefits of Web SEO are and how it can impact on gaining website traffic and increasing sales,
• How Web SEO in a post Covid-19 world can assist you with getting your website found in an increasingly online world,
• The benefits of SEO blogging for your site give you many more chances of getting website traffic on Google and through social media posts,
• How SG Copywriting can help you make a mark online in 2020 and beyond.

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Website copywriting packages can seriously boost your company’s web SEO and enhance your digital footprint. A business’ home online is the website that visitors can visit to browse your products and services. Therefore, web SEO is vital to ensure that your company’s web pages are found online to generate leads and sales.

In a post Covid-19 world, there will be many businesses who will choose to sell solely from an online source. This means your company could benefit from website copywriting packages from SG Copywriting. As a professional SEO copywriter, I have worked with companies to compose tailor-made packages to suit their needs.

If you have a website that you feel could be given a new lease of life with some fresh copy that is Search Engine Optimised, read through the rest of this article. By taking the time to understand what I can do for your business, you will be one step closer to have web SEO that helps get your site found online.


Website Copywriting Packages & Youprocopywriters seo copywriting packages

Every single business is different. This means that your web SEO will be unique when compared to the companies ranked just above and below you on Google. Therefore, it is up to me to conduct specific, targeted research to make sure all website copy works for you and your individual needs.

As a business owner, you want your business to succeed. Whether your focus is online, a traditional brick and mortar shop, or a mixture of both, website copywriting packages from SG Copywriting can help ensure you get additional traffic onto your website. This means we can sell your products and services to ensure clients know what you do and that you do it well.

At SG Copywriting, I like to work closely with clients to ensure I learn as much about the business as possible to deliver your vision to those who visit the site. By liaising with you, I can work to translate your passion for what you do into the copy on the website. This means the visitor feels more connected to you and your brand, making the possibility of generating a lead or a sale more likely.

Website copywriting packages from SG Copywriting genuinely focus on you and your business’ targets for the years ahead. Get my focused approach today and see how your organic website traffic grows.


The Benefits Of Web SEO

It is one thing to have a website that looks stunning. It is something completely different to have a stunning website that includes intensive Web SEO to increase your organic website traffic. When you arrange website copywriting packages from SG Copywriting, you get entirely optimised on-page SEO copy that will help your company get found online.

The number one reason companies seek copywriters who can write copy with an emphasis on SEO is to get their company found online. There is nothing worse than having a website out there that is almost impossible to find. This means you lose out on current sales and also potential future clients.

When a website cannot be found organically, companies resort to spending money on pay-per-click advertising. By shelling out hundreds of pounds/dollars on Google Ads or Facebook Ads. Every website should be able to capture a level of organic website traffic, and the best way to get that is through web SEO.

When working with SG Copywriting, I work with you to meet your needs, both as a business and a business owner. This will mean that you can have website copywriting packages that are bespoke to what you need, ensuring you don’t waste money on excess products or services.

Why should you pay for the extra services you don’t need? Get a personal approach with SG Copywriting today.


Web SEO Post Covid-19

By working with businesses of all shapes and sizes, it is clear that web SEO can help get your company’s website found on Google SERPs (search engine results pages). When clients ask whether SEO is needed, I always reply with the same answer – absolutely.

In the same respect, writers and authors regularly ask me what web SEO is when I share posts on my author social media profiles. It is worrying that so many writers out there have websites to publicise their writer profile, but don’t know the benefits of web Search Engine Optimisation.

If you have a website that you feel could benefit from rewritten SEO copy, it could be beneficial to consider investing in keyword-rich website copy from SG Copywriting. By refreshing the website copy and ensuring targeted keywords appear throughout the site, you stand a higher chance of getting found on Google.

By working with you over Google Meets, I can learn what your business does and how you wish to portray it in the digital world. Once this information is gathered, I work to research relevant keywords for your website and liaise with you to agree on the terms together.

Once we have agreed on keywords, I work to compose the copy for each webpage on your website. I work diligently throughout to ensure your brand and voice comes across to those who may visit your company’s website. By doing so, we can help promote your products and services to new customers or readers.

Why is web SEO important for your website? Web Search Engine Optimisation:

  • Ensures vital keywords appear organically within the copy written for each web page,
  • Helps Google’s web crawlers decipher what is on each web page,
  • Delivers your website content higher within the Google rankings, and
  • Provides a clear, concise message for those who choose to visit your web pages online.

Website copywriting packages from SG Copywriting could help your business enter a post Covid-19 world with a new lease of life. By freshening up the website content with increased Search Engine Optimisation, you can bring more visitors to your website, generate more interest in what you have to offer, and hopefully sell more product as a result.

Contact SG Copywriting to enquire about how website copywriting packages can help your company or author website climb the Google rankings.

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How My SG Fiction SEO Blogging has helped me to climb the Google rankings organically.

Blog Boosts Post Covid-19

As the author of two fiction books, I utilise my creative writing blog to generate organic traffic to my website. This has meant that my website traffic has grown significantly, and my reach as a fiction writer has grown immensely.

I have achieved this growth by employing a dedicated SEO blogging and content planning strategy to ensure every piece of content I create has a purpose – to drive more traffic to the SG Fiction website. Nothing goes onto my website unless it is optimised for search engines and has a reason to be there.

If you are a writer and would like to learn how to compose your SEO blogs, check out my ‘Oh, My Blog: Blogging Tips For Writers’ eLearning course. Here, you can learn how to strategically plan and write SEO blogs to help your website climb the Google rankings organically over time.

As for you and your business, this is the same approach I take when planning, creating and generating content for clients. Whether I work with your marketing executive or you as the manager or business owner, I work closely to align the content to your business’ targets for the months ahead.

By working towards a rolling 12 blog programme, we can schedule the blogs to be released:

  • Every week,
  • Every two weeks, or,
  • Every month.

Either way, you will have fresh Search Engine Optimised content uploaded to your website regularly. This is important for several reasons:

  1. Google likes to see websites that are updated frequently,
  2. The SEO blog is written to the best practices, so it ranks on Google results pages,
  3. You have fresh content to promote your products and services through links embedded into the article, and,
  4. It gives you new content to share on social media, meaning followers will flock to your website to read the full article.

The SEO blog packages from SG Copywriting could be just what your business needs post Covid-19. You will be able to show your customers that you are still fighting fit and ready to go once the doors reopen. If you sell your goods online or through social media pages, you can reach fresh new clients and generate more sales.

Re-energise your company’s blog with a web SEO blog package from SG Copywriting. We can work together to develop the fresh content your business needs today.

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Web SEO Copywriting Packages: The Takeaway

Search Engine Optimisation is a tool that all websites need behind the scenes and on screens to ensure they rank organically within Google search rankings. Many sites that fail to rank well have to rely on costly Pay-Per-Click advertising to appear higher on Google.

If you are a business or a writer who doesn’t have a mountain of cash to pump into Google continually or social media networks paid advertising, SG Copywriting Web SEO copywriting packages can help you build in 2020 and beyond.

There are a variety of plans that are arranged to suit your business or your direction as a writer. If a package doesn’t quite suit your needs, contact us a scott@sgfiction.co.uk to see how we can further meet your business’ needs.

The online world has become more vital since the Covid-19 pandemic. This means writers and businesses need greater online exposure to maximise their reach and engage with new customers or clients. Contact SG Copywriting today to see how we can help shape your company’s Web SEO in the months and years ahead.