Belfast Business: SEO Blogs Can Help You Drive Website Traffic. Here’s How!

Belfast blogger, Scott Gilmore, is an author & writer with experience in digital marketing. Learn how Scott’s SEO blogs can help your Belfast business.



Belfast business can seriously benefit from a Belfast blogger. With experience in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Master’s Degree in Creative Writing, I can compose blogs for any Belfast business. With business moving on to the internet and requiring a more significant, more visible, digital presence, highly qualified copywriters like myself can help boost how your company is seen online.

The effect that bespoke SEO blogs can have on generating website traffic and increasing organic Search Engine Optimisation cannot be understated. There is no doubt that you can utilise a blog written by me, at SG Copywriting, to enhance your organic SEO as well as generate website traffic through your social media by sharing the post.

If you run a Belfast business, you can continue to pay exorbitant fees from marketing agencies to compose re-spun articles from content already written on other blogs. You can pay high agency rates to spin the material through a piece of software, taking no more than ten minutes, and get little or no traction from Google.

You could also be charged a fee for 5-600 words blogs for your company’s website. With such short blogs, you are wasting your money. It is a well-known fact that Search Engine Optimised blogs need to be at least 1000-1500 words long. Therefore, if you’re paying for this at an agency, you’re wasting your time and money.

This is undoubtedly not what you signed up for in your contract for your monthly SEO fee.

On the other hand, you can work with me to generate bespoke content that is composed with your business’ goals in mind and written to the highest standards of SEO best practice. By contacting SG Copywriting today, your Belfast business’ blogs can be written correctly, and your business can reach new heights in 2020. Here’s how.

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In this blog, I share how I can help local businesses and authors with well-compose organic SEO from a trained Belfast blogger. Click on the thumbnail to read the article shown.


Keyword Research For Organic SEO

Firstly, when we agree to work together, I carry out keyword research to gather a series of appropriate keywords that can be used to generate blog content around.

By searching for terms that your Belfast business is organically ranking for, we can start by optimising the keywords or phrases to ensure you have blog content that is specifically tailored to meet those terms. 

As you broaden the organic search terms over time, there is a greater likelihood that your company will feature in more related keywords and phrases. This will increase website impressions as well as the chance of prospective customers clicking on your articles.

To add to the sharing and reads of your organic SEO blog, you can share it across all of your company’s social media channels. This allows those who follow you to stay informed and have engaging, internally-linked content that can help to share products, offers, and services differently.

Ultimately, organic SEO takes time but, over time, can help save your Belfast business money on paid Google Ads or Facebook Business Ads campaigns. As you rank naturally in more searches, there is less need to pay.

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In this blog, I share the guidance packages I have put together together to assist Belfast business and authors to increase organic SEO. Hire a true Belfast blogger today. Click on the thumbnail to read the article shown.


Content Creation For Your Belfast Business

When I work to develop and create content for your Belfast business’ website, I use lists of gathered keywords from the organic SEO research list. All of this information is included in my own blog content creation system that ensures many of the on-page SEO best practices are followed before the article itself has been drafted.

There is also an opportunity here for you to evaluate the content to be created in the agreed timeline. With your insight into your own business, I can help ensure that the direction for business is in line with the blogs that are to be composed. 

As a business owner, you have multiple plates that need to keep spinning. No doubt creating an organic SEO blog ranks below organising suppliers, staffing, timesheets, and paying utility bills. That is why I do what I do. I work to help craft an online vision for your organic SEO blogs that are in line with your business plans so that you can focus the other spinning plates.

Over the agreed time, I will compose the series of blogs to help your Belfast business get found on the web in Northern Ireland and beyond. 

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By hiring Scott Gilmore Copywriting, you will get a Belfast-based Queen’s University MA graduate to write creative copy with a business focus.


SEO Rich Bespoke Blog

Many agencies and copywriters will claim that they write you a bespoke blog. They will promise the world and deliver something functional but falls below the standard of work you get from me.

In my early days as a freelance SEO copywriter and blogger, I had memberships with well known freelancing sites, like Fiverr and People Per Hour. While I was able to earn some practical copywriting experience, I also witnessed the realities of how unscrupulous freelancers and marketing agencies treat many UK businesses.

When working on these sites, I saw:

  • Executives from marketing agencies posting jobs for freelancers to write for less than UK minimum wage,
  • Freelancers reposting work that they were awarded for bloggers from developing countries to write,
  • Marketing agencies being awarded blogs for £100 then being reported for using article spinners – they were thus banned from the site but reappeared under a new name,
  • Marketing agencies bidding for well-paid work then reposting it again for a tenth of the value it was awarded for.

These are just some of the practices I witnessed while working as a freelance blogger and, to be honest, I’m glad I saw this behaviour. The reason for that is I knew how NOT to run a business. I didn’t want to charge a company £100 a blog and run it through an article spinner in 30 seconds. 

In my opinion, that is immoral. It is also the reason why Belfast businesses and other companies around the UK have been burned and are sceptical of such services. 

When I create a blog, I:

  • Create all content myself from home,
  • Research all topics using authoritative websites to ensure accuracy of content,
  • Ensure the focus keyword or phrase is used a minimum amount of times within the article – meaning it is SEO rich,
  • Follow all on-page SEO best practices concerning layout and image use,
  • Encourage all clients to provide their images to showcase their Belfast business in the best possible manner.

If SG Fiction Copywriting creates a blog for you, you can rest assured that it is created by a digital marketing trained, Creative Writing MA graduate from Queen’s University, not a freelancer on the other side of the world.

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Click on the image to learn about me as a freelance SEO copywriter and blogger in the Belfast area.

Appropriate Word Length

Through my time working with different marketing agencies as a freelancer, I have seen some fantastic work that has helped me to develop as a Belfast blogger and develop my own Belfast business. These agencies are excellent, and the people who work at them are driven, dedicated professionals who are well work the money they are paid.

However, as a freelancer, you can be asked to write and create organic SEO blog content that is far too short and will never rank on Google. This means that businesses are paying the agency money for worthless blogs. 

If you are paying for a blog that is less than 1000 words in length, you are wasting your time. This is one of the most basic principles of organic SEO blogs that can be easily achieved – write over 1000 words!

When you work with me, I would instead your business invested its money in blog articles that will help generate organic website traffic and rank well on search engines. If you have £X budget, I will work with you to create an appropriate number of SEO rich blog content for your business. This will ensure your money is well spent rather than generating meaningless ‘latest news’ content for your blog. 

By working as an actual Belfast blogger and generating content that is of use to you and your Belfast business, you can invest money in your online digital footprint rather than service a ‘blog’ that is simply a waste of time. Email me today to see how I can help your company today!

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This is a snapshot of the daily impressions that my SG Fiction website has got since I focused heavily on my SEO blogs. It’s still climbing.

Creative Writing With A Belfast Business Focus

When I started working online as a Belfast blogger and fiction author, I knew it was essential to have an online presence that helped promote me as a UK fiction author as well as the novels or creative writing courses I facilitated. This was where my blog came in.

By attending the Seamus Heaney Centre at Queen’s University, I was able to hone my skills as a creative writer. There was no doubt that I wanted to do something with writing and, in time, that turned into novels, like Inside Iris and Anna’s Awakening.

I love writing, and I find it to be incredibly rewarding as well as therapeutic. However, there was an issue – how to earn money from creative writing.

As I trained in digital marketing with Peter Meehan at Big Rock Digital / Big Rock Designs, I found how my blogs were excellent, and by applying on-page SEO best practice, I could make them rank higher on Google. This is where SG Copywriting came about, and I started working for local Belfast business and clients across Northern Ireland.

Being a local author and creative writer, there is no doubt that I can write creatively with a focus on Belfast business. I work incredibly efficiently and, using my 10+ years in education, I plan and research content professionally with real-world application.

As a Belfast blogger and an SEO copywriter, I know I can do an excellent job for your Belfast business. Hire an SEO content creator with creative writing flair who has a focus on Belfast business. Contact me today to see how I can help your company online.

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My author creative writing blog is one of the top creative writing blogs online and in the UK. This is the true value of organic SEO and how my blogs help a Belfast business. Click the image above to see samples of my work.


Being a Belfast Blogger, I do not doubt that I can help you develop and reach your business goals in 2020. My ability to write and compose Search Engine Optimised blog content that generates website traffic and impressions is second to none. By organically including sought for keywords into a bespoke blog piece that adheres to SEO best practice, you can get your company’s products and services in front of the right people.

If you would like to contact me today to arrange a meeting or a free quote, please email me to see how I can help you in the coming year. By hiring me to assist you with your Belfast business’ SEO blog needs, you’ll have a Masters Degree qualified wordsmith to compose copy and engage your customers.


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