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In this Creative Writing Online article, you will find information in these areas:

  • How SG Fiction’s e-learning courses can help you develop your independence as a writer,
  • Scott’s Oh, My Blog: Blog Training For Writers can teach you about Search Engine Optimisation and how to build your online presence with a blog,
  • How Start @ The Beginning: Writing Course For Beginners, is a perfect introduction for any new or young writer looking to pen their first story,
  • Why Social Media & You: Maximise Your Reach & Influence can show writers how to develop their use of social networks to enhance how they reach and engage with followers,
  • Why G Suite is an excellent delivery tool for an e-learning course, meaning the student can feel safe in the knowledge that their course is delivered on a secure provider.
Read the rest of the Creative Writing Online article and consider how you can develop yourself as a writer online today.


If you have always wanted to write a book or develop your online writer’s profile, book a creative writing online course with SG Fiction. With a PGCE from Warwick University, Scott Gilmore is an experienced teaching professional with a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing and an English Literature undergraduate degree. As someone who has a passion for developing creativity in people both young and old, Scott is someone who can help you grow as a writer today.

With social distancing and Covid-19 looking as though it will be around for the foreseeable future, e-Learning online is one way that learners can continue to grow and develop. Scott has developed several courses for writers over the last year that have now been made available for writers to take via Google Meet and Google Classroom.

Many writers within the online writing communities utilise YouTube or search the internet to learn aspects of areas that could be useful to them online. From areas linked to eBook marketingauthor blogs, the elements that make up a story, and the Adobe Creative Cloud, there is a lot out there that any self-published or independent author could use to develop their profile online.

As a fiction author who has done everything himself, Scott has compiled a series of courses that can help writers grow creatively as well as online. This is where the three courses below come in. The three author courses below are developed to assist writers on their creative journey.

Within this creative writing blog article, you will learn what each of Scott’s creative writing online courses offer you. By enrolling on any of the SG Fiction e-Learning online options, you will have a better understanding of how to develop your all-round profile as a writer.

oh my blog creative writing course

Oh, My Blog: Blog Training For Writers

Many writers have already taken the view that a creative writing or author blog is an excellent way to engage with readers and followers. This is true. Yet, many authors, writers, and poets don’t take advantage of a blog to its full potential.

As a freelance Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) copywriter, Scott works with businesses to compose SEO blogs to assist a company’s reach online. By choosing to write blog articles in this manner, a website’s scope is expanded as the blog articles rank organically on Google and bring in more website traffic.

Writers can use blogs in the same way, and this is the subject of the Oh, My Blog: Blog Training For Writers course. Scott takes writers through a series of four modules that show writers how they can research, compose, analyse, and further develop their blog over time.

Each module will last between two and three hours via a Google Meets video session. The four modules covered are:

  1. The Purpose Of An Author Blog,
  2. The Importance Of Content Planning,
  3. Blog Layout & Best Practice and
  4. Evaluating Performance & Bringing It All Together.

This holistic approach to covering the blog as a vehicle to increase a writer’s profile online will give writers a better understanding and increased focus as they look to the year ahead. This will ensure a writer’s blog is better organised, performs better online, and helps a writer’s profile grow over time online.



Start @ The Beginning: Writing Course For Beginners

For those who are considering writing a book, the Start @ The Beginning: Writing Course For Beginners is the perfect course to develop an understanding of storytelling and the mechanics within a story itself.

One of the achievements many people wish they could tick off in life is to write a book. Whether the book is a science fiction novel, fantasy, thriller, or children’s fiction, it doesn’t matter. When a story is boiled down to its bare bones, the same base components need to be covered.

This six-week-course is one that covers six separate modules that aim to give beginner writers a greater understanding of the critical areas that fiction writing requires. By learning the process ahead of them, writers can plan and prepare for what is a lengthy project that can last many months or even years.

Each module will last between two and three hours via a Google Meets video session. The six modules include:

  1. What Makes A Good Story?
  2. Character Development,
  3. Building a Setting,
  4. Plotting Your Story,
  5. Adding Detail & The First Draft,
  6. Redrafting & Pulling It All Together.

These six modules give beginner writers a well-rounded understanding of what is ahead of them as they create a work of fiction for the first time. Throughout this course, Scott will refer to real examples of how he overcame specific hurdles and group discussion will be encouraged through Google Meets.

Throughout the entire course, there are numerous writing exercises that learners can work through both during the course and at home between sessions. Some of the activities may take longer to complete and can be worked on into the weeks and months after the course’s completion.

The Start @ The Beginning: Writing Course For Beginners sessions are an excellent starting point for those who are passionate about storytelling and wish to write their book. By enrolling on this SG Fiction course, writers will have many practical, accessible activities that can help develop and compose their stories. Therefore, writers will be guided through some of the most daunting aspects of writing a book.

If you’re passionate about the idea of writing your novel, book a place on Start @ The Beginning and start writing your first book today!

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Social Media & You: Maximise Your Reach & Influence

When writers look to create their promotional materials, they can use social media campaigns or blogs to engage with their followers and the rest of the writing community. When it comes to Social Media & You as a writer, you can benefit from taking a structured approach to maximise your reach & influence.

This is where SG Fiction’s Social Media & You: Maximise Your Reach & Influence course is aimed at those writers who want to take a more structured approach to how they utilise social media. By creating effective social media content, you will be able to enhance how your followers and audience engage with you across multiple social networks.

This four-week course covers four separate modules that aim to give a greater understanding of how they can best utilise and maximise their social media usage. By learning how to set up profiles effectively and to plan and generate content, writers can feel more confident in how they approach their social media use in the years ahead.

Each module will last between two and three hours via a Google Meets video session. The four modules include:

  1. How you can use social media,
  2. Social media best practice,
  3. Optimising images for social media and hashtags & links,
  4. How to maximise your social media approach & profiles.

These four modules give writers a more professional, structured approach to working on social media and developing a following over time. Throughout this course, Scott will refer to the recommended usage of social media networks and some best practices by business.

Throughout the entire course, there will be allotted times for learners to reflect on how they use social media currently and how they wish to use social media going forward. As social media usage is very fluid and varies from writer to writer, it is essential to take time to consider your own writer goals and what you hope to get out of social media networks as a whole.

Social Media & You: Maximise Your Reach & Influence sessions are an excellent starting point for those hoping to develop and grow their influence online and grow as writers. By enrolling on this SG Fiction course, writers will be able to apply real-life social media tactics to get more reach, influence and followers. Therefore, writers will be able to share their writing to more readers around the world and sell more books.

Take the leap and book a place on Social Media & You today! It’s your next step on the road to developing your online presence as a writer.


Complete Creative Writing Online Learning For Writers

When Scott planned this trio of creative writing online courses, he wanted to develop a holistic and rounded series of options that writers could use to:

  • Develop as writers,
  • Develop independence and
  • Develop as creatives.

As an independent author, Scott Gilmore has published two novels, created a Search Engine Optimised website, managed his own social media campaigns, and created his content using the Adobe Creative Cloud. He has then taken his skills and knowledge to compile a trio of courses that fellow writing community members can enrol in to learn how they grow as independent writers and creatives.

The digital world is forever growing, and writers need to learn to wear multiple hats with diverse skillsets to promote themselves online. By enrolling on one of SG Fiction’s creative writing online courses, you too can develop as a creative and make a mark online.

This trio of courses offers complete creative online learning for writers. Book a place and make some noise online today.

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Why Use G Suite?

When Scott was an ICT Coordinator, G Suite was one of the main areas he received training in and worked with. The fact that both educators and learners have access to a complete suite of productivity tools, as well as Google Classroom, meant that it was a natural choice for me to make.

Being a trained educator, he wanted to ensure the tools he had to my disposal were of the highest quality. G Suite provides them with tools like:

  • Google Docs,
  • Google Slides,
  • Google Sheets,
  • Google Drive,
  • Google Forms, and
  • Google Meet.

When using G Suite with learners, he knows he can trust the programmes above. He also feels comfortable knowing that they integrate easily with Google Classroom to provide an excellent environment for learners. This means, when you enrol on an SG Fiction creative writing online course, you will have access to the materials you need.

As the course will be delivered via Google Meets, those who enrol will be able to stream the content live onto their home computer. Learners will also feel confident that the material is being streamed by a trusted internet provider, in Google.

By using G Suite as a course trainer, Scott can deliver creative writing online courses to the highest level. As a learner, by using G Suite at home, you can receive all materials efficiently and have additional tools to develop your work as a writer throughout the course duration and beyond.


Creative Writing Online: The Takeaway

Throughout the next twelve months, Scott will run the courses outlined above to assist writers with their ongoing writing projects. Whether you are a beginner to creative writing or a writer who has a desire to boost their online writer profile, there is a course there to help you grow.

As Scott is a teaching professional, he works diligently to ensure information is as simplified as possible and that the delivery of the material is taught at a level you understand. This ensures you get the most out of your creative writing online course and your course fee.

The advantage of taking an SG Fiction creative writing online course means that you can learn from the comfort of your own home. As many colleges and universities already take advantage of Google G Suite, it means that some learners will already have an account. If not, learners can get access to a user-friendly and secure basic G Suite account to learn online today.

If you are serious about taking your online writing profile to the next level, Scott Gilmore Fiction’s online courses can help you make the next step. Book a creative writing online e-learning course with SG Fiction today.